How coaching can make a difference for you


How Coaching Can Help

Do you feel “stuck”?  Demotivated, undervalued, or demoralized?  Do you feel you have more to offer?

Life is not easy, and it’s very common to experience these feelings but get too bogged down to do anything about them.  That may be why coaching is gaining so much ground. 

All of us need an objective listener and supporter in our lives but we don’t always get it through family, friends or colleagues.   Because technically they are not objective at all.  They have history with us. They’ve established their own views about us. 

Unwittingly they may have contributed to the pigeonhole in which we find ourselves.  Frequently we just go along accepting this because it’s easy to do and the alternative can be scary and can take time and energy.

That’s true. Coaching will take time and energy and, at times, it may even be scary.   But if you want something different than what you have now, it can be the link to a new and rewarding future. 

If any of these short scenarios resonate with you, or you feel similar limitations or roadblocks, I’d be happy to talk with you about how coaching can help you.



Sandra was convinced she had what it took to reach the highest levels in her company. She was smart and passionate about what she did. However, she dreaded interviews and had lost her voice so stopped trying to win promotion. Anyway, they promote very few women in this company….



Jason is a brilliant chemist and, after five years with his employer, he was delighted to be promoted to Chief Chemist. But things aren’t going too well. He is experiencing a lot of staff turnover; he’s too busy to delegate – no-one does the job as well as him, right? – also he hates having to manage people. How can he turn this around for his own sake and the sake of his colleagues?



Having been “stuck” in the same role for 10 years, Dave wanted to do something else. He was bored and frustrated and did not feel valued at work. But what else could he do? He has kids in college and needs that pay check.



Jean was “invited” to leave her company at the end of last year. Her confidence is low. How can she secure another job to pay the bills? What options does she have now? She could never earn what she earned at her last company.



Fresh out of college, Lillian has already demonstrated great potential. She’s been told she can go to the top. However, she is struggling to work with older colleagues and frustration is mounting.  They are so slow and conservative!
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