“Finding Your Voice: Sharing Women’s Experiences in the Journey of Leadership” is delighted to spend thirty minutes in the company of Lyza Valenzo, Director of IT at Ecore

Let me introduce you to Lyza Valenzo – a leader with vision, drive and a passion to deliver meaningful change to the betterment of the organizations for which she works and the teams for whom she leads. Lyza shares with us how each step in her career brought her more skills, experiences and, importantly, new learnings. From “playing office” as a child, through to starting her career as an admin at an attorney’s office, and

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“Finding Your Voice” would like to introduce you to Morgan Lucente, Category Manager at Clark Associates

“Finding Your Voice: Sharing Women’s Experiences in the Journey of Leadership” takes a different approach in this podcast. We meet an impressive young woman who from a very early age played “pretend business”! Morgan takes us through her formative early childhood years growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania through to her basketball scholarship at Mansfield University where she studied Business Administration and interpersonal communication to the start of her professional career around 8

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“Finding Your Voice: Sharing women’s experiences in the journey of leadership” speaks with Martha Chamorro, CFO │Financial Planning and Analytics │ Business Transformation │Regional P&L Leader, Unisys, NA

I was delighted to spend 30 minutes in the company of Martha, who generously shared her story from growing up in Columbia – daughter to hard working parents and sister to one brother – through her childhood dreams of becoming an archeologist, “looking for clues” as she described it, and on to doing just that, as she progressed her education into mathematics, industrial engineering and finance, building a successful finance and business career with Unisys.

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“Finding Your Voice: Sharing Women’s experiences in the journey of leadership” speaks to Angie Krasuska, Managing Director of Precision HR Solutions in Sydney, Australia

I’m excited to introduce you to Angie Krasuska, Managing Director of Precision HR Solutions, who shares with us her leadership journey and seven tips for success. Angie, the child of immigrant parents from Poland and Austria, grew up in small town in the north west of England, where her father sought work in the textile mills. She relays her journey through several exciting career steps to developing her own business in the sunshine of Sydney,

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“Finding Your Voice” meets Makeda Brown

“Finding Your Voice” meets Makeda Brown, Founder and Principal Consultant of PVR Coaching and Consulting, a leadership and talent optimization firm specializing in the development of leaders at all levels through science and data. Makeda has served as a Strategic Human Resources Leader in global Technology, Food/Hospitality, and Pharmaceutical industries with companies such as Unisys, Aramark and Merck. She is an active member of a number of people ands strategy focused organizations and also serves

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“Finding Your Voice” meets Pam Haines, Chief Change Agent at Slate Consultants and hears about her journey as a leader – Interrupting Business as Usual!!

Pam is a serial entrepreneur with a head and heart for business growth and performance improvement. As a transformational change leader and coach, she is committed to helping individuals and organizations grow and improve their overall business performance. A new level of performance requires new thinking. That’s why Pam has dedicated her company to mastering the art of positive disruption – interrupting how people and organizations think. Disrupting and rewriting mindsets is necessary for sustainable

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