“Finding Your Voice” meets Makeda Brown

“Finding Your Voice” meets Makeda Brown, Founder and Principal Consultant of PVR Coaching and Consulting, a leadership and talent optimization firm specializing in the development of leaders at all levels through science and data. Makeda has served as a Strategic Human Resources Leader in global Technology, Food/Hospitality, and Pharmaceutical industries with companies such as Unisys, Aramark and Merck. She is an active member of a number of people ands strategy focused organizations and also serves

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“Finding Your Voice” meets Pam Haines, Chief Change Agent at Slate Consultants and hears about her journey as a leader – Interrupting Business as Usual!!

Pam is a serial entrepreneur with a head and heart for business growth and performance improvement. As a transformational change leader and coach, she is committed to helping individuals and organizations grow and improve their overall business performance. A new level of performance requires new thinking. That’s why Pam has dedicated her company to mastering the art of positive disruption – interrupting how people and organizations think. Disrupting and rewriting mindsets is necessary for sustainable

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Linda Toth, Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional and Business Capability and Change Leader shares learnings along her leadership journey.

I am excited to invite you to listen to the next in the series of “Finding Your Voice: Sharing Women’s Experiences in the Journey of Leadership”. Let me introduce you to Linda Toth, Principal of RCE Services, LLC who is a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional and a Business Capability and Change Leader, who is kindly sharing her leadership journey and her tips for success.

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The SMART Coach LLC launches a new podcast series called “Finding Your Voice: Sharing Women’s Experiences in the Journey of Leadership

Welcome to what I hope will be the first of many podcasts entitled, “Finding Your Voice: Sharing Women’s Experiences in the Journey of Leadership”. As a leadership coach, I have a passion for coaching female leaders. I feel that women often hold back or may “lose their voice” in predominantly male environments. This means that they can lose out, the company/ organization loses out (there is a wealth of data showing how more diverse boards

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“One is too small a number to achieve greatness.” John Maxwell, Leadership Guru

So I recently watched a very interesting interview with John Maxwell, Leadership Guru, in which he stated “One is too small of a number to achieve greatness”. I was thrilled recently to have been awarded an additional accreditation as an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation. Yes, I worked hard, opened myself to learning, pushed myself, challenged my demons and put in the hours required. However, I did not achieve this accreditation on

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The SMART Coach LLC on TV!!

So a fun morning at RVN TV being interviewed about my coaching journey by Chantelle Fitzgerald on “It’s All About Mindset!” Enjoy! It’s All About Mindset – Beverley Doody (mp4)

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