“Finding Your Voice: Sharing Women’s Experiences in the Journey of Leadership” is delighted to spend thirty minutes in the company of Lyza Valenzo, Director of IT at Ecore

Let me introduce you to Lyza Valenzo – a leader with vision, drive and a passion to deliver meaningful change to the betterment of the organizations for which she works and the teams for whom she leads.

Lyza shares with us how each step in her career brought her more skills, experiences and, importantly, new learnings. From “playing office” as a child, through to starting her career as an admin at an attorney’s office, and on to leadership roles in Customer Service, Procurement and IT, Lyza acknowledges the influences of key people in her life – her parents, key mentors, her many colleagues, and, of course, her children.

Lyza brings a keen sense of self-awareness. She is an avid reader and has a thirst for personal growth, learning and development. Lyza combines the ability to see the “Big Picture”, and yet also, by way of her expertise, project manage change and execution.

I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I enjoyed recording it and pick up a few helpful leadership tips along the way!

Lyza Valenzo, Director of IT, Ecore