Finding Your Voice: Sharing Women’s experiences in the Journey of Leadership meets Genise Wade, VP Human Resources, Specialist Radio Frequency, Ultra Electronics

It was very good to reconnect with Genise having worked together across the seas some 10 years earlier. I knew very little about her journey into leadership, so this was a very interesting conversation for me, hearing how she did things in her own way from starting work at the age of 19, falling in love with the field of HR, earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Marketing and then her Masters in HR Management while working and being a mum!!

Genise shares a story of perseverance, determination, sheer hard work and lifelong learning pushing herself out of her comfort zone to learn and grow.

I invite you to make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, or something stronger, find a quiet spot and listen in for 25 minutes of great conversation as Genise shares her tips for success!