“Finding Your Voice: Sharing women’s experiences in the journey of leadership” speaks with Martha Chamorro, CFO │Financial Planning and Analytics │ Business Transformation │Regional P&L Leader, Unisys, NA

I was delighted to spend 30 minutes in the company of Martha, who generously shared her story from growing up in Columbia – daughter to hard working parents and sister to one brother – through her childhood dreams of becoming an archeologist, “looking for clues” as she described it, and on to doing just that, as she progressed her education into mathematics, industrial engineering and finance, building a successful finance and business career with Unisys.

Throughout her career, Martha acknowledges that her thirst for exploration and discovery, sheer hard work and ongoing curiosity along with generous support from several champions, have enabled her to be successful in what is often a male-dominated field.

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Martha Chamorro – CFO, Financial Planning & Analysis, Business Transformation and Regional P&L Leader, Unisys, North America