January 2020 SMART Goals

So, we are entering a new decade – not just a new year!

Are you making the same new year’s resolutions that you made last year? …and the year before that? …and maybe even the year before that too??…!!!

  • Finding that dream job?
  • Improving personal and professional relationships? 
  • Making a lifestyle change?
  • Overcoming self-limiting behavior?
  • Managing work/life balance?
  • Achieving more fulfilment at work and in your life?

What’s getting in the way of your realizing your goals?

Please see below a cheat sheet that will help you set “SMART” goals for the months/year ahead.

Work with me, your SMART Coach, to clear the “clutter” that may be getting in your way and take action to make this year the year you maintain progress towards those goals!

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